Wedding lady photographer in Abu Dhabi

by EMS

Getting married in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain?

Our Lady wedding photographer from Abu Dhabi is here to tell you all about weddings in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi & Dubai are of kind special places to get married.

So, let’s talk about Arabic and local weddings. How to get the best wedding in the Middle East? What do you need to know?

When we talk about wedding photography, especially in the UAE, we talk about fairy tale feeling that is coming across, side by side with the luxury and dreamy moments. Totally different dimension from what we used to in Western Weddings. The beauty of the brides is more than stunning, from hair and make-up, everything falls into the perfect places. Everything is planned till the last part and because of that, the outcome is more than breathtaking.

That is why as Easyshave media team we are in love with wedding photography and enjoying it for years now. Our Lady wedding photographer captures first impressions, emotions, and the joy of the first look. Pure and honest life in the best sense is happening in front of you. Priceless.

Why is a local wedding so special? One of the main things for future couples is privacy. Our lady’s team covers events with full attention and respect for the privacy of the family. During the editing process, we are using an encrypted external hard drive just for that purpose. Computers are not connected to the internet and no one has the approval to come inside of editing room. Privacy is in the first place! Always! 

Because of that, we are getting so many inquiries about weddings and even royal families choose us for the special day!

After more than 200 weddings shoot all over the world, our team is based in Abu Dhabi for the next few years, and we covering weddings all over the Middle East. 


How our lady’s team is making the real magic happen? Wedding Abu Dhabi 2021

First, we get to know Bride and Groom. As every wedding is having a theme, we start from there.  The theme, and venue we always try to match in photos and videos when we shoot the details, jewelry, and bouquet. Female, lady wedding photographer covering all Abu Dhabi emirate.

As the day is moving forward, we are not just photographers, we are the right hand of the Bride. We support her, helping her to overwhelm some stressful moments. Our experienced photographer understands the situation and knows how to guide her to get the best from the wedding. Preparation, putting on the jewelry, perfume… So many details and so little time 🙂

And when we talk about the first look between bride and groom, our team is making that magic happened right there. 

Details are also a big part of wedding photography. Jewelry, close-ups, and diamonds we try to represent as details shoot, but at the end, it starts looking like a glamour shoot for that brand.


Wedding Abu Dhabi hall Easyshave Media

From that part, we would like to share as much as we can from the UAE weddings. We can not share with you pictures of the bride and groom but we can share the gifts from the groom, picked with love. And more than everything we can share our experience and make your wedding to be unique and special. You just have to book us, the rest is on us!