Fashion Abayas Abu Dhabi

by EMS

Fashion abayas are setting the new trends


Fashion Abayas it’s a new trend in Abu Dhabi, and we as Easyshave media got a chance to shoot it first! It’s always imperative to work with local brands and represent the culture in the best way. Working with Prive Collection and planning a good social media campaign, allowed us to blend many different aspects of photography and videography into one shooting. Proudly we can say that we blended fashion and art into a perfect mix. We decided to have dynamics in the shoot, so we could tell more about these fashion abayas. The result was editorial fashion photos that were vibrant and lively in every way.

Prive Collection is one of the most famous fashion brands for unique and extraordinary fashion Abayas. It focuses on high-quality fabrics, and vibrant colors and every piece is one of a kind. Thru a special line of dresses and abayas, women it’s more than appearance. The designed line is focused on ‘feeling’ good moments while wearing it, but also making a mark in a world with differences and bold, still very fashionable design. Also, moved a step forward and placed unique color shades, and details. Newline in Prive Fashion is all in one, fashionable, and very easy to combine…

Vibrant fashion abayas

Traditional abayas are stunning with a diversity of details and every model has that something special, telling us a  story on their own. As Creative Agency, we enjoy new challenges and every time create something new and unique from scratch.

Also, always in our creative process is the client’s “pulse” that we are trying to catch. And in this case, is to combine tradition but still follow up the trends. Moving the boundaries was never easy. Following the growth and change with innovations was never faster than now. But, having your own voice, and still being respectful towards heritage was always a big must.

Fun and Fashionable

Easyshave Media as a Media production company in Abu Dhabi is more than lucky for having a chance to be part of the innovations and progress thru our clientele. And it’s always fun and inspiring capturing artistically fashionable. Our Abu Dhabi professional photographer always have full sleeve of ideas 🙂