“Photography is Truth. The Cinema is Truth Twenty-four Times Per Second.”

Jean-Luc Godard

“The film drama is the opium of the people… Down with bourgeois fairy-tale scenarios… Long live life as it is!”

Dziga Vertov

“Video is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to
change the world, not just re-decorate it.”



For us a frame is more than a picture!

We perceive the moving image as a window to an imaginary world where anything is possible. Freedom of expression through a movie language is our basic guide and imagination in a combination with client’s needs is the main driving force.
With a wide range of equipment available for even the most demanding clients we offer a full realization of Social Media videos, Corporate films, Music videos, Commercials, Animation, etc. In the formats and records that you request (6K, 4K, HD, super8, 16mm, 35mm…) and at the highest standards. We are recognized for original scenarios, clear ideas and quality. Our list of satisfied clients is expanding daily…



Of internet traffic will be video content in 2025. Are you ready for that?

Easy Distribution

Access to your marketing material. Being found when people are in the right mood, will definitely increase your chances of a sale. Easy-to-digest content like video, is the perfect medium to reach your potential customers, even when you are sleeping. Video is the best option to promote your idea!
Corporate Video are easy to distribute in your marketing mix, through your website, or social websites like Youtube, Vimeo and similar. If you allow your corporate video to include humor, you would increase the chances of social distribution to a potential 1 billion viewers. Easyshave media will make it happen!

Tap in to the masses


Of adult users watches video online. This figure will only increase as new smart devices, and increased speed on carrier networks are more accessible. In the World, the number one online site is Youtube.com. Do you have your Youtube channel

VIDEO-COMMERCE is growing faster than any other medium!

Take your buzz and put in the present! Be ready for video interaction!

V-commerce is not a buzzword, it is the norm. Video content on websites, mobile devices, smartphones, and social media, is changing the way consumers interact with their brands. It’s fundamentally changing the way consumers make their final purchasing decision.
To make sure you engage your target audience, you need to explain what your product is. What it does; how it works and the benefits it will bring. This is easy to do in person, however, it’s far more difficult online. Video, the starting point of a v-commerce strategy, can help drive awareness, educate, inform and engage consumers and, ultimately, significantly enhance conversion rates.

Today, digital video is an essential need of every company! Easyshave Media offer you one of the best video production crew in the Middle East. We can make to frames work for you!

Easyshave Media Solutions write, shoot and develop numerous video contents for retail and consumer brands each week. We understand what makes people watch, interact and go back to great video content. We understand a consumer’s journey and where to use and how to develop the right video content at the right time.
From 30 seconds to 30 minutes, the use of great video content has proven to improve conversion and increase loyalty.
Easyshave Media Solutions can create a new video or use video content you currently own and convert it into amazing interactive videos that will work on the web as well as on mobile devices. These HTML5 enriched videos can work in YouTube, as well as on your personal channels, to help monetize new or existing video content and increase an investment return.
Place video at the heart of your content strategy and then ask us how to create the content, produce the videos and distribute them for the best results.