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How to promote your food business | Tips and Tricks


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The best restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have the greatest photography presentation. Would you agree?
A water-mounting picture of the food, fine texture, macro shots, and people who enjoy food is all around us. Literally, you could eat just the photos from the menu or Instagram.
The finest chefs and restaurants are based in the Middle East. In Abu Dhabi & Dubai.
As a Media production based in Abu Dhabi, we have the opportunity to shoot food exclusively.
Creative food photography and making brands stand out is our passion and we are fully dedicated to that task.
Food photography and food styling are standing equally side by side. The fusion of the UAE cuisine is impeccable. In the United Arab Emirates, you have a perfect blend of traditional food, a modern touch, and all of that ‘wrapped in one perfect food photography visual statement – I am perfect and delicious! Hospitality standards are super high. Food photography has to follow that!  You have to choose your food photographer and trust him! For good promotion, you need outstanding photos and videos. Good content on social media channels is more than 50% of your success.

How to choose the best food photographer in the UAE for your business?

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Well, you have to find someone who is creatively unique and hungry for creative shoots.
Someone who understands your menu, and enjoy kitchen life. It’s not about equipment or the number of photos. It’s about idea and concept.
Food photographer has supported your business on a path of growth and gives you a creative boost and devotion. A good food photo means a bunch of likes on social media.
More likes mean better engagement and that brings you more followers. Simple as that.  Click – Like – Bite!

Food photographer Marija Kerekes shares her experience


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These are a few Tips & Tricks.
– Before every shooting always speaks with the clients and asks them all about their businesses.
– Stay loyal to the restaurant brands but give your final touch.
– Don’t be afraid to be creative and to do something different. The Market likes diversity.
– After 10 years in the food photography business, the most important advice can be:
  There are no bad dishes or menu. Everything can be super tasty in the photo just if you know how to get that perfect shot!
Easyshave Media media production is all in one a fresh wrap, salad, and rare steak served just for you in the best photos of your business. Or do you prefer well-done? No worries, our food photographer is more than that!
Bon Appetit!