How to make a profit during Covid 19 in Abu Dhabi

by EMS

Are you an Abu Dhabi business owner?

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We all know that Covid-19 is the reality of nowadays life and nobody knows when this pandemic will be over. It has changed our habits, daily routine and of course has a strong impact on business. So, what you can do to save your business and how to make a profit during Covid – 19 in Abu Dhabi?

“We have moved to a recession that will be worse than the one we experienced in 2008,” said UN Deputy-Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed.

Are you ready to fight for your business? Can the Internet be your solution?


Each problem has a solution and because of that, it’s called a problem, not a fact.

If you want not just to survive these turbulent times but to make some progress you need to have a plan. Strong strategy and patience,  are the keys. You have to believe in your service or product and show that to your clients. So let’s go through 7 things that you can do to make a profit during Covid – 19 in Abu Dhabi.

Doesn’t matter what type of business you are running these are universal solutions and they are very efficient and helpful. It’s your decision how seriously you will take this advice. 


Same as in “normal times” you have to do proper research of your competition. But now, during pandemics, you need to focus more on Internet, social media, and websites.

Your Internet competitors are all companies with high ranks on search engines for specific keywords. Honestly, there are numerous companies with the same business similar to yours and they invest a lot to be highly ranked on Google. 


Once you have a list of your competitors and you have checked their websites on Google it’s time for your action! If you want to make a profit during covid – 19 in Abu Dhabi you must invest in SEO!  Strategy is simple, a bigger budget (with professional SEO guiding) will bring better results. You can’t expect that you will see results if you are not ready to invest. Simple as that.


Obviously, in order to get SEO started, you need to have a website. But not just a website. Your well-designed and optimized website need to be “the house” and you need to connect your Social Media platforms with your website.

Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are the 3 most important Social media platforms in Abu Dhabi. If you want to make a profit during the pandemic in Abu Dhabi you have to be present in all of them. And not only to be present but to be active in all of them on daily basis. That’s not an easy job. You need to have a professional agency that can handle your online promotion, and SEO, and follow the market trends. 


Content for Social media is super important. Photo and video content needs to be uploaded at least a few times per week. High-quality content will draw the attention of your customers for sure.  Here, we are coming to the biggest mistake that some companies do. They produce content but, sometimes it is good enough. As a result, there is no positive feedback and no profit.

For good content, you need a creative team and a cool concept. You need to be different. Copy/paste is not an option in Digital Marketing. Remember that !!!  Forget about cheap solutions.  In one of our future blogs, we will explain in detail how to get the best content for your business in Abu Dhabi.


Yes, if you want to make a profit during covid -19 in Abu Dhabi you have to think about re-branding. That doesn’t mean you will lose your identity or become totally different company. Rebranding can be treated as an upgrade, the next step, a new start with old employees. The whole world is changing, it’s time to see how you will adapt and what you can do. With good Brand Management, you can do amazing things for your business. 


As you know, connections are the most powerful way to get something. “Wasta” is the most powerful word in the Arab world, right? 🙂 But now, with the internet and all social media channels and platforms you can easily meet new people, read your idea and promote your business. Ok, most people are used to promoting their business on Instagram or Facebook… But do you have LinkedIn? On LinkedIn you will find so many opportunities. You can start a conversation with some CEO easily. And you can follow business trends from all around the world.


This is maybe the most important advice. Follow previous advice but don’t give up and work on your business 24/7. Be Active, be online and follow the market trends. 

So what is the best solution for your Abu Dhabi business?

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