Commercial Photography for business

by EMS

Commercial photography – Abu Dhabi (and UAE) Business owner’s best friend!

Nauras 1969 Easyshave Media campaign

As Albert Einstein said: “One picture is worth a thousand word”. In the digital age that means – Million words means high-end quality commercial photography. According to statistics 50 years ago consumers were facing 600 ads during one day. In an era of the internet and a fast-track information, consumers are facing 10.000 ads daily. Imagine how strong the voice of your ad on Social Media needs to be, in order of your potential clients to take your product into consideration. 


Commercial photography – Strong, trustworthy message!

You know that world-famous brands like Prada, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Land Rover, are famous because they stand for quality and uniqueness, but they also have a strong commercial and visual photo statement! The beauty / cosmetic industry is also led by high-end quality and eye-catching photography.


People are visuals – they need to see you, so they can remember you!

Honey and coffe

Strong Visuals photo + video is all that it takes but in a proper way. Commercial photography of your products is a representation of your business. The first impression is the most important. Catch attention with high-quality photos. A good commercial photo is going to get potential clients to consider purchasing a service or a product that your business is offering.

And among all of that, creative photography needs to sell a product or service. It can be food, coffee, shoes, perfumes, or any goods that your business is providing. But, the most important thing is that it needs to be unique so you can stand out.

Small business – high value!

Commercial photographySmall businesses have a chance to become visible, recognizable, and stand out in a competitive market, which leads to business growth. Connection and interaction with potential clients are of high value. And the constant presence of your business on the market is more than welcome. People need to know your business, connect with your brand, and engage. Positive first impression feedback can come from great photos of your product! The Internet had also given a lot of power to photo and video advertising and showed them to a wider audience for additional attention.

Do you know that the biggest advertiser is already in your hands? – That’s your smartphone! But you need to have the strategy, high-quality photos & videos, unique content, and interesting stories. That is what makes a difference in the market!

Easyshave Media is here to help you with your business.

Media production based in Abu Dhabi started a new campaign in September – to support small businesses. Until the end of October, you can get a discount, start your campaign and get new, modern visuals for your brand.

Why does it matter? 

Reaching to your customers is essential for your business and for achieving customer loyalty. We want to make you feel special because you matter to us. Easyshave Media is a group of creatives with a strong media passion who are constantly seeking new challenges. You can inspire us! Do it!

As you can read in previous Easy Blog posts, we already shared some tips & tricks on how to manage your business. Our Creative Team is eager to help and assist you on that path. 

From September 2021, Easyshave Media web site introduces a newsletter to our clients. It’s not a typical and boring newsletter with useless information. We will send you just the latest media trends and cool tips & tricks for your business! If you subscribe you will get 10% off for your next campaign or social media services!

How to get a discount for commercial photography in Abu Dhabi?

Subscribe to our newsletter, and send us an email that you are listed. But that’s not all! If you start following us on Instagram, you will get a special gift (discount, free photo session, or consulting service!)

It’s the digital era, are you in it? Easyshave Media can be your best media friend! Not only on social networks!