Wedding bouquets story | Fragrant photos and colorful emotions

by EMS

Wedding flower bouquet Easyshave Media

How long have you been living in the UAE? Are you local or ex-pat? Isn’t it strange for you to… See flowers almost everywhere, especially on side of the highways – in the middle of the desert?  Easyshave Media media production in Abu Dhabi is always trying to find some interesting stories and to get new challenges. One of them was – Why on Earth are they so obsessed with flowers and greens in general? Trying to figure out this mystery we learned a lot about Arab tradition, especially about the legacy of Mohamed bin Zayed. This big visionary and father of the UAE nation had a vision – To transform the desert into a green haven. That was super interesting for us and our Media production found a small flower shop in Abu Dhabi where we get a lot of answers but also a chance to do a photo session of their wedding bouquets and flowers. It turned out that is a small shop but with a big heart and an amazing choice of flowers.


Making art for Weddings – Atelier De Fleurs Flower Shop 

Wedding bouquet colorful Easyshave MediaIt was a pure pleasure taking photos of unique-designed flower bouquets. We have learned so much about the arrangement, the philosophy of designing, and why some flowers are a match and others aren’t. The moment you step into an Atelier De Fleurs Flower Shop, it’s like a different world. It was a real creativity boost and we had a chance to capture pictures of amazingly arty bouquets, not only are nice to look at, but every bouquet also has a story behind it. The fragrance and texture of each flower gave us so much inspiration. The owner Ms. Fatima introduced us to one amazing world full of fragrance, colors, texture, shapes… It was a great pleasure, shooting for her new collection of bouquets specially made for weddings. We found answers and we got a new challenge – to represent flowers in the best way! Every photo has to speak a special story.

How to shoot flowers for weddings? Media production in Abu Dhabi has an answer!

Wedding bouquet Easyshave MediaOur creative team in Easyshave Media company in Abu Dhabi got a pretty unusual task. To shoot Flower Bouquets in a special way, for a very special day. Wedding Bouquets! As you can imagine, wedding bouquets are coming in so many special and different ideas, like every bride is. Taking a step forward, after shooting wedding bouquets e-commerce photos, we decided to make that special shoot, that will sell stories like crazy. We made repetition, and played bouquets on the floor, surrounded by other bouquets, randomly.
The first part of the shooting was that we shoot wedding bouquets as e-commerce photography, for their new website, as commercial photography. The second part was a closeup to get that feeling of freshness and colors. And the third step was a new position of the bouquet, from above. Through all these creative shoots, we tried to make this world closer to you. Because this Flower Shop it’s not only a holiday for your eyes, it is also a refreshment for your soul.
The shot from the top view was more than perfect. Because that is the position of the wedding bouquet and how guests will see it on a wedding day. The bouquet handle will show nicely, and the way how the bouquet is arranged will be shown also, facing the guest. So with the bride holding it, it will match perfectly with the wedding dress and impeccable makeup. Each bouquet sends a different message but with the same passion.

Flowers are important, and part of our big life events

Wedding Bouquet in vase Easyshave MediaWhen you love someone, when you want to impress, make people feel special, be part of a special day, celebrate, enjoy life and beauty, make your home a prettier place – What do you usually do? Buy a present, in this case, the most common is to buy flowers! Especially, if you have all of it to find at one place – Atelier De Fleurs Flower Shop. From the beginning of time flowers were the best way to express your love and a perfect present for almost any occasion. These unique wedding bouquets will bring so much happiness to the bride and as we know until now all of them are happily married! Maybe the secret of a happy marriage is hiding in these bouquets?  So in your biggest life events, choose wisely.

Easyshave Media as a Media production based in Abu Dhabi has a motto – Causally consequentially. How well you do your work and connect, the outcome will be better. With our clients, we create, invent, and the outcomes are overwhelming. And in this case – very fragrant!
See you at the wedding, inshallah! Our photographer is just one call far away!